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There are many portrait photographers in the central Mississippi area but few have been around as long as Chris Grillis.  There are even fewer that have his photographic expertise and attention to detail.  He did not just recently “discover his love of photography” taking pictures of his own children.


“Using film was a great way to learn the craft because you knew everything from lighting to posing to the subject’s expressions had to be perfect at the time of capture.”

Chris has worked in the industry and been a professional photographer for four decades.  He has spent the necessary sixteen hour days, seven days a week learning and honing his craft.  This experience allows his clients the luxury and freedom to explore their own ideas and creativity while still enjoying strong, seasoned direction so they are grounded and comfortable throughout the entire process.



“To create the perfect image your photographer needs to truly understand light, composition and have a developed sense of artistic vision.”



 At Chris Grillis Photography we aspire to exceed  expectations and leave a legacy of creative portrait images that will touch our clients and their families for generations to come.  We demand only the highest quality finishing, and are committed to maintaining a high level of excellence in all aspects of your experience with our studio.



It is vital to us that you are delighted with your portraits, and we look forward to discussing your personal portrait needs and turning them into the perfect

personalized art for your home!

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